“Clutter Leads to Excess Disability”

NDIS Decluttering Support

Recognise any of these needs?

  • Your NDIS goals can’t be met because of clutter and disorganisation. From your wardrobe to your office to your entire home.
  • Funded services can’t start because of Work Health & Safety issues in your home.
  • You’re a Support Coordinator and need someone to project-manage a major declutter and clean up so services can start for a Participant.
  • Report writing for NDIS Plan application or renewal for decluttering and organisational support, or that big declutter project


What Else?

Advocacy and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Over the years I have found myself regularly advocating for Participants. Why? Because often Support Coordinators and other professionals supporting Participants never actually enter a client’s home to see how they live and how they interact with their home environment.

If I identify a gap in services, I’ll help you get that information to the right people. I’ve supported Participants to make their own requests, do their own research, make their own phone calls. Or done it for them when they haven’t felt able. I’ve written reports to justify funding requests.

The more information your professional support network has, the better your Plan will evolve.

If this sounds helpful to you then give me a call or write me an email and we can discuss if I can help.

If I’m not the right Professional Organiser for you, I can suggest colleagues who might be better suited to your situation.

Outside of Sydney?

I travel but also have colleagues across Australia. To find them click here.

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