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I love mentoring other Professional Organisers and watching them shine.

I too have struggled to find my P.O. identity and niche. Been overwhelmed by the white noise of colleagues all trying be seen and heard across social media platforms. Compared and found myself lacking. Been on that hamster wheel of exhaustingly busy and fearful of refusing work.

What do you aspire to?

Maybe you want to change things up but are unsure of how to do it? Feel your business is ready to evolve? Identified a potential niche or have a brilliant idea and need to talk it through with someone who understands the industry and will maintain your privacy?

I’d love to help you shine and grow your business. Together we will find the answers.



Mentoring Options

You have a number of options.

A standalone mentoring session to discuss particular situation or problem.

A package of 5, one hour-long calls. These calls will give you structured support. An accountability partner, and someone to debrief with. 

We talk through anything you want relating to Professional Organising:  identifying your niche, your messaging, your business name, standing out from the crowd. How you structure your work or client dilemmas. How you want to evolve and grow.

Whatever is a problem for you at the moment. In a way that leads to progress.

Want to take on more complex clients and work? How about having someone on the job to support you directly through this transition? Be there as a team member but also a sounding board, giving you input and constructive suggestions as required, then debriefing at the end.

Do you have something else you’d like to try? Let’s talk.

Send me an email or give me a call on 0431 144 146.


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