Our Mission

As you embrace a new life chapter we partner with you

to provide respectful, kind, supportive and bespoke services

in all phases of the decluttering to downsize and relocation journey.


Meet Jennifer


My name is Jennifer Manefield and I’ve been an Organising Professional for over 7 years.

I specialise in assisting you with your decluttering and organisational projects during major life moments like retirement and downsizing.

Especially when sorting through a lifetime of memories and possessions seems an overwhelming hurdle that stops you living your best life.

I am an Expert Accredited member of the IOPO.


Downsizing | Relocation |
Deceased Estates

Chronic and Complex Disorganisation

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Declutter your Life

Over a life well lived, our homes can become filled with memories, treasured items, and furniture which can take up both mental and physical space.

Whether sentimental possessions, useful supplies, or items you may be able to fix, the home can quickly transform from a relaxing space to a cluttered one.

No matter what stage you are on in your journey, Decluttering Solutions are here to offer professional support, understanding, and hands-on organisation.



Decluttering Solutions was started in 2014 to provide compassionate and effective organisation and downsizing services for residences. Run by Professional Organiser Jennifer Manefield, Decluttering Solutions brings its expertise to Sydney and the Greater Sydney region.

With an initial focus on new retirees and busy professionals, Decluttering Solutions was soon providing assistance to the Disability and Aged Care sectors. Today, our dedicated team offers decluttering services including home relocation, deceased estate organisation, and project management.


Caring and understanding is at the heart of Decluttering Solutions, offering assistance and a new perspective for those in need. Jennifer and her team work with you to develop a plan and strategies for achieving your goals in a timely and efficient manner. Our decluttering services include relocation management, support during sale of your current home, deceased estate, and downsizing.



Whether processing grief, dealing with family conflict, or struggling to be onsite, deceased estates can be physically and mentally draining. Jennifer and the team at Decluttering Solutions can efficiently organise and handle every aspect of the Estate, including:

  • Working with the family and/or Executors to assist in whatever tasks need to be completed.
  • Locating important items including jewellery, wills, and memorabilia.
  • Collecting, collating, or disposing of paperwork.
  • Removing and disposing of the home’s unwanted contents.
  • Identifying items of potential monetary value on behalf of the Estate.

As part of our service, we strive to find points of ethical donation for items that are not of interest to the Estate. In this way, items can find renewed uses or new homes rather than being thrown away.



Preparing for a move and require a physical support network to assist? As experienced declutter experts, we offer the organisation and stamina to accomplish what you need. This can include:

  • Removing unwanted household items including furniture, decorative items, clothing, and more, in preparation for a move.
  • Assist with layout planning of your new home and any necessary purchases.
  • Findi appropriate avenues of sale for valuable items, whether an auction house or other platforms.
  • Communicate with Coordinators and Managers of Aged Care villages or complexes in order to streamline the move.



Decluttering Solutions provide packing, unpacking, and styling services for your local moves or international relocations. Our expansive network of colleagues ensures your move is streamlined and timely. Our declutter experts can even communicate with your real estate agent as required, maximising efficiency and organisation.

For property sales, Decluttering Solutions can clean, stage, and style your home in order to present it in the best possible light for potential buyers.





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What Our Clients Have to Say…

I live far away and have a disability which meant I couldn’t give Mum the kind of support that you would usually give an ageing parent during a move.  It was absolute godsend to have someone like Jennifer strive to deliver a workable and non-judgemental relationship with Mum through many hours of packing and sorting and organising. Jennifer turned what could have a daunting, stressful and precarious move into a seamless process.


Craig, ACT

Being incapacitated due to an injury I needed assistance with packing all my personal effects as well as general home contents. Jennifer was incredibly respectful when dealing with personal items and provided a calm and supportive presence in a challenging time.

Alison, Potts Point