A Professional Organiser works with individuals, families and businesses to declutter, organise and streamline their personal possessions within their living and working space. They cater for different learning styles, life-stages, physical abilities and mental health when assisting their clients.

That is what a Professional Organiser does. But what IS a Professional Organiser?

Most Professional Organisers have niches, areas of expertise or specialisation. They are mature adults with a rich and varied life and work history. Exactly like their clients.

 I specialise in decluttering services for retirees and seniors to make sure that the next phase of their lives are lived safely and surrounded by the items they love or need.

How to choose a Professional Organiser?

  • Check out their website and social media platforms. 
  • Read what they write or share. Does it resonate?
  • Read their reviews and client comments.
  • Check out their professional development journey if they highlight it. It may be on LinkedIn. There is a lot of ongoing quality training available for Professional Organisers to create their niche.
  • Are they a member of a Professional Body with a Code of Practice?
  • Do they hold Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance? 

 Anyone can be an “organised” person. If you are going to let them into your house and your life, with access to your personal possessions and information, you want to ensure they are both trustworthy and professionally prepared. Not everyone knows how to treat your personal possessions with the care they deserve nor do they know the most cost effective and thoughtful way of moving on items that are no longer necessary to your quality of life. 


Most importantly of all, they need to listen to you: your wishes and needs for your future life.That’s what a Professional Organiser is:professionally prepared in their niche, trustworthy and with all safeguards in place.