What does a Professional Organiser do?

A Professional Organiser works with individuals, families and businesses to declutter, organise and streamline their personal possessions within living and working spaces. 

They cater for different learning styles, life-stages, physical abilities and mental health when assisting their clients. Busy professionals, expectant parents, overwhelmed families, people heading into retirement and their parents: a Professional Organiser works with people across the entire life spectrum.

Most Professional Organisers have niches, areas of expertise or specialisation. They are mature adults with a rich and varied life and work history. Exactly like their clients. Decluttering Solutions specialises in retirees and seniors and their lifestyles.

When might you need help with home organisation?

Life and lifestyles change and evolve. You may realise you are the owner of a whole lot of things you no longer want or need. You can be unsure where to start or simply too busy to do what is required to declutter and reorganise your existing home. 

Working from home during the recent lockdowns produced two notable outcomes.

Firstly, people realised just how cluttered and dysfunctional their space could be. So, help with home organisation can be about reimaging your spaces and their use, to improve functionality and flow.

There has also been a dramatic shift in the housing market with prices soaring and people desperate to move. Professional Organisers can be involved in all stages of moving to a new home. From decluttering what you don’t need to space planning your new home. Management of the entire move including packing you up and unpacking you at the other end so you slip into your new life as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

What are the benefits of hiring a home organiser?

  • You get access to our professional expertise. The best avenues for disposal of items whether donation, recycling, selling or disposal. We know where and how to get it there.
  • We bring a clear eye to examining how you use the space in your home and its functionality, finding solutions for problem areas: how you can better utilise the space and advising on storage solutions.
  • You get expert advice on what to keep and what not to.   If you are struggling, a Professional Organiser can coach you through your options, keeping your end goal in mind, and support you when decision-making gets tough. 

How to choose a Professional Organiser to help with your home organisation?

  • Check out their website and social media. 
  • Read what they write or share. Does it resonate?
  • Read their reviews and client comments.
  • Check they are a member of a Professional Body or Organisation with a Code of Practice.
  • Ask for a copy of their current Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance 

Anyone can be an “organised” person. But if you are going to let someone into your home and your life, with access to your personal possessions and information, you want to ensure they are both trustworthy and professionally prepared too.