Reasons why Seniors should use the services of Downsizing and Decluttering experts

Did you know that decluttering and downsizing are actually two separate processes that need to be planned for and coordinated?

Preparing to downsize is a major task that can take a whole lot of physical and mental energy. There are often financial and time driven deadlines that must be met and it can all be a bit overwhelming.

Unwanted delays can be caused in a variety of ways. 

If you have been in your home for many years then chances are, you have a huge collection of clothing, paperwork, art work, books, kitchen utensils and tools that have to be gone through first. Decision making about all these items takes time and can be really fatiguing. Never mind when you are trying to fit that into your busy life complicated by activities, grandchildren, and medical appointments. Or, are you geographically distant from family who would help you if they could?

You may have decided which charities will take certain items without actually investigating and be surprised at what they will and won’t take. Do you know what items you have that could be sold? Are there things you want to give to family members, or just keep out of the landfill? What about awkward items like household chemicals and poisons…how do you dispose of those in an environmentally friendly way?

Decluttering services for seniors and retirees help you hone down to what will be useful in your new home;help you locate and identify the treasured items you want to take with you. We will not only support you through all the decision making, but have a whole lot of strategies, contacts and connections to make this process as time friendly and smooth as possible.

Planning and coordinating the move is another key service we provide when decluttering and downsizing for Seniors

Avail yourself of these services. You’ll save time because the physical work packing up for the move is done in a fast and efficient way. More importantly, everything is planned in advance, so when you actually move into your new home what you are taking with you will both fit and serve a purpose. From the placement of the furniture to the delivery of every labelled box to its correct location.

We offer  unpacking assistance so that on the first evening in your new home your kitchen is set up, your bed is made and you know where to locate important things like documents and medications. You can also book further sessions to continue the unpack or finesse the layout and location of everything once you’ve been in your new home a while.

Investing in this sort of support means you minimise the stress and anxiety of the move and instead are free to enjoy your new home, your new life and your loved ones. Let us help you enjoy the potential in this new chapter of your life.