A relocation deadline waits for no one. Whether it is the exchange of contracts or your start date at a new job interstate or overseas, moving house can be an extremely stressful time.

Reasons why you should avail yourself of packing and unpacking service

You simply lack time. Despite those deadlines you still have to work, maybe mind the grandchildren or help with after-school activities. Are you supporting elderly relatives with their day-to-day life as well?

You are unsure where to start and how to schedule your house move so items you need right up to the last minute can be found. Nothing worse than having to unpack and repack boxes to find things you unexpectedly need.

Packing up a home is both physically and mentally exhausting. Do you have the physical strength and stamina to get the job done then the necessary reserves of energy and time to unpack at the other end?

What are the Benefits of professional packing and unpacking services?

They are fast and efficient.

Skilled packers use quality packing materials and techniques to get your precious items and personal possessions to their end destination.

Your items will be labelled in such a way that you know both where they came from in your old home but also where they are going in the new one.

They have all the appropriate insurances if something should be damaged.

You can relax into a made bed, have a functional kitchen and know where your important items are at the end of move day. So important if you have to hit the ground running in a new location or a new job.

You can have your home fully unpacked and all the packing materials removed so you can just get on with life.

Why choose a team from Decluttering Solutions to do this?

Because you’ll also get the benefit of decluttering services as well. Why pay removalists to move items you no longer need in your new home?

You’ll have our trusted presence in the new home when the removalists arrive and can direct placement of furniture and boxes on your behalf since we have helped you with your planning.

You’ll get our expert eye on your new home. What storage is lacking and how best to maximise the functionality of your space.

You can call on us if you need to rearrange your new home and possessions or to declutter further. Sometimes you need to live in a place for a while to work out how you want it to be.

Moving house interstate or overseas? We have a network of colleagues who can help you at the other end. Just ask.

As a  team of fully insured and expert professional organisers, we bring all our decluttering, packing and organisational skills to work on whatever stage of your relocation you are. The size of the team depends on how big the job is, your time constraints and how much you can or want to assist. Give us a call to discuss a bespoke plan tailored to you.