Is it a scary or exciting thought letting people into your home?

We are all tired of this isolation and sick of our own company. Sick of the same old walks. Missing friends and loved ones. Worried about children’s education and our finances.

Wanting out but afraid for our health and safety.

You may have been postponing the inevitable but the time to declutter has come. You need to move house. You can’t really get around safely inside your home. Maybe after months of being stuck inside, you are just sick and tired of the sheer volume of things you possess and have no use for…let alone love.

How do we at Decluttering Solutions prepare for “Covid-normal” work?

  • By being double vaccinated and able to show you proof. Did you know the Medicare App let’s me show you in person?


  • continuing to wear masks and socially distance as appropriate. Decisions about how we work are based on the health needs and vaccination status of the people involved in each job. We want you to feel safe!


  • Covid testing as required. As I write this, self-testing kits will shortly become available and will be a useful tool in keeping everyone safe.


  • Using virtual sessions to meet people and check in. Update people on work that is ongoing. Coach and guide people if they want to declutter themselves.


  • Above all, we will follow current health orders. Designed to keep us all safe, we all understand they can and will change. 


So let’s get stuck into that decluttering that has been on-hold for months!