Why should you hire experts for clearing a deceased estate?

Clearing a deceased estate may seem a fairly straightforward task but it can be complicated, emotionally charged and overwhelming at times. 

An Executor or Administrator has 12 months from the date of death to distribute the estate. So many administrative and bureaucratic duties to make happen before that distribution can take place. The role is often tinged by personal grief if managing the estate of a loved one.

Firstly, people need to be notified and the funeral arrangements made. Then there are all the entities and organisations that need to be notified. Outstanding claims made, bills paid or payments suspended.

Often, the deceased person’s residence holds all those important documents and items that make up part of the estate. The will, shares, bills, debts, insurance, utilities, rent, trust funds, property deeds. They all must be gathered, collated, paid or certified. There may be items in the home that have not only sentimental but monetary value too.

Who needs estate clearing services?

 Executors, administrators or family members who are overwhelmed with the task.

Sometimes the Executor or Administrator just can’t be physically present. They may be interstate or overseas. Their own health issues that prevent them doing some or all of the physical tasks involved. Limited time or not being local makes it harder to know what services and supports are available.

A team of expert Professional Organisers from Decluttering Solutions can support you by undertaking all that sorting, identification and location of documents, valuables and sentimental items. We can reduce the volume of items to be dealt with shredding unnecessary or superfluous paperwork that contains sensitive personal data. 

Sorting all that household minutiae. Separating what needs to be kept from that which can be donated, or ethically disposed of.  We identify all the various and most suitable avenues of disposal. Building waste, asbestos, household chemicals and poisons. Items large and small. 

If needed, on your behalf we can organise and coordinate other services or liaise with others who may be involved, leaving you free to direct your energy to managing the windup of the estate.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you resolve your problems clearing a deceased estate, please give Decluttering Solutions a call.