Then let me ask you a question or six.

  1. Is your house a storage unit for your children or other relatives?
  2. Have you inherited other people’s stuff?
  3. Hard-to-reach cupboards and no idea of their contents?
  4. Drawers in your house that have not been opened for five years?
  5. Do you look at the clutter in your garage, and think “I’ll get round to it”?
  6. Resentful of the time required to keep on top of it all?

While you are being that active retiree pursuing your hobbies and interests, I suggest you actively pursue decluttering as well…whatever the vision for your future.

In a perfect world, you would remain active far into the future. Having fun as a busy volunteer yet still with time to improve your golf swing, your salsa dancing or your Pickle Ball technique. Making great plans for a trip around Australia in a caravan or on a motorbike.

Poor health or ageing can creep up and get in the way. Suddenly, those four bedrooms are just too much to keep dust free and it gets harder to keep up with the garden. 

So, how do you start to declutter and downsize?

Start now and start small.

 A cupboard here, a drawer there. Make the family responsible for their high school memorabilia or the textbooks from Uni. Give them a deadline and feel free to move it on as you see fit.

Don’t presume anyone wants to inherit your china or book collection. Ask them, because you might be holding onto things that just takes up space and create more work for you.

Use the beautiful stuff yourself. Or use it to fund your active, retiree lifestyle. You now have so many options to sell online or through an auction house. You may prefer to donate items to a charity or a buy-nothing-new online community.

Hire a Professional Organiser.

We can work alongside you, once or twice a month, once or twice a season. So many strategies to declutter and better organise your space so that you can better enjoy your home and your free time.

Working to pace the change to match your changing lifestyle.

Suddenly the house and garden are no longer overwhelming. The day you do decide to downsize, you won’t have the whole process ahead of you. A move somewhere else then becomes relatively seamless when you have actively made choices about decluttering rather than forced into rushed decisions by circumstance.

 It can all start with a phone call.

Let’s create a plan together to declutter and downsize your possessions. Something that will lighten the load and enhance your sense of freedom and fun in retirement.