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Moving house can be both an exciting and stressful time. The enthusiasm for a new chapter of your life tempered with all you have to do before you can settle into your new home. Decluttering, organising, packing, labelling, admin, unpacking…it all adds up. 

Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, or just need a helpful packing and unpacking service, Decluttering Solutions is here to help.




Moving house provides a unique opportunity to assess what’s important and what you truly want to take with you. Professional Organiser Jennifer Manefield and her dedicated team will work with you to declutter possessions that may occupy physical and mental space. 

Decluttering Solutions offers professional support throughout the moving process, helping you focus on your essentials and providing hands-on assistance with packing and unpacking.

Packing for Moving House

With deadlines for moving out, sale closures, removalist bookings, and more besides, moving is a test of organisation. Fortunately, the Professional Organisers at Decluttering Solutions specialise in project management and planning. The team will develop a timeline and plan for your move, liaising with real estate agents and other services as needed. 

This can involve partial assistance with either packing or unpacking, or a complete relocation. We can even develop a layout/floor plan of your new home, streamlining placement and unpacking on moving day. 

With care, efficiency, and understanding, Decluttering Solutions will work with you to organise and pack your home. Your treasured items and possessions will be professionally boxed, labelled, and prepared for the removalists. 

While packing, Decluttering Solutions can provide advice on what items may or may not serve in the future. We are here to help you achieve your goals and needs.


After packing and relocating, it can be tiring to contemplate the need to unpack or assemble furniture. However, it’s often better to unpack sooner rather than later, so you can get to enjoying your new space and lifestyle. Decluttering Solutions offers a selection of moving house unpacking services including unpacking boxes, assembling furniture, cleaning, and arranging for utilities to be connected.




Downsizing can happen at any stage of your life but is common for older Australians wishing to simplify their lives. Maybe you no longer need a large house now that your family has moved out. Or perhaps you want a home that is easier to maintain both physically and financially. 

Alongside our packing and unpacking service, Decluttering Solutions can provide downsizing assistance including:

  • Sorting and removing household items including clothing, furniture, display items, and more in preparation for a move. 
  • Assist with planning the layout of your new home and making any necessary purchases. 
  • Utilising appropriate avenues of sale for valuable items including Facebook Marketplace or a reputable auction house. 
  • Communicate with real estate agents, coordinators, or Aged Care villages in order to streamline the move.

Unwanted Items

Decluttering Solutions can remove any unwanted items from your home throughout the packing, moving, or relocation process. More than just throwing items away, Decluttering Solutions approaches disposal in a conscientious manner, working with ethical partners to favour the circular economy. This allows Decluttering Solutions to identify the most appropriate avenue of disposal.

Pre-sale Property Styling


Presenting your home in the best possible light, Decluttering Solutions can arrange and style your home to maximise space and appeal. Our professional team will use your belongings and furniture to show off the space, allowing potential buyers to imagine life in a new home. 

Deceased estate

When a loved one passes away, it can be hard to enter their home and sort through possessions. Grief, travelling constraints, and family conflicts can all place additional pressure on what is already a physically-demanding task. Organisational Professional Jennifer Manefield and the team at Decluttering Solutions can carefully pack and organise the Estate on your behalf. 

In Sydney and Greater Sydney these services can include:

  • Liaising with the family or Executors to locate important items such as jewellery or wills. 
  • Packing contents or arranging for ethical disposal. 
  • Identifying objects with potential monetary value. 
  • Collating paperwork and documents.

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