Decluttering and Downsizing for Seniors

Preparing for the next stage of your life? With a home full of memories, possessions, and treasured items, decluttering can seem like an impossible task. Where do you begin? 

Take the first step with the experienced and friendly team at Decluttering Solutions. 

Run by Professional Organiser Jennifer Manefield, Decluttering Solutions offers tailored decluttering services for seniors. Whether downsizing, relocating, or decluttering for retirement, our hands-on organisation and considered approach can help you onto the next stage of your journey.


Meet Jennifer | Professional Organiser


Having first-hand experience with the difficulties of downsizing, Jennifer started Decluttering Solutions in 2014 following a major transition in her own life. Following a career as a nurse, teacher, and sales manager, Jennifer moved back to Australia after living in Italy for 24 years. 

This was a catalyst for change, forcing Jennifer to focus on what was truly important. Understanding how possessions can occupy our physical and mental space, Decluttering Solutions began by assisting older Australians with downsizing and prioritising what was important. 

Today, Jennifer and her dedicated team work across Greater Sydney, providing residential decluttering services for seniors, as well as working with the Disability and Aged Care sectors. This also includes relocation to Over-55’s villages and other Aged Care settings. 

Jennifer is an Expert Accredited Member and founding Board Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers.

Decluttering for retirement

Understanding and compassion is at the heart of Decluttering Solutions. We understand that your possessions may hold fond memories and provide comfort. Jennifer and the team work with you to develop bespoke strategies and a plan for organising, decluttering, or downsizing. 

Decluttering Solutions approaches each relocation or home downsize with a professional perspective, empathy, and care. 

For more information on decluttering and downsizing for retirees and seniors, contact us on 0431 144 146.



Downsizing, also known as ‘rightsizing’, involves moving into a smaller space that is more suitable for your lifestyle and needs. Downsizing can occur throughout your life, as circumstances change but is common for older Australians who do not require or desire as much space. 

Downsizing may be an ideal option if you:

  • Have had family members move out. 
  • Want to reduce maintenance and cleaning. 
  • Wish to save money or reduce financial constraints. 
  • Want to move somewhere more suitable for the current stage of your life while also clearing out unneeded items.

Downsizing services

Our committed decluttering experts provide the organisational experience and stamina to accomplish your household downsizing in a timely and efficient manner. Our services include:

  • Removing household items including furniture, display items, clothing, and more, in preparation for a move. 
  • Finding and using appropriate avenues of sale for valuable items, whether Facebook Marketplace, other platforms or an auction house. 
  • Liaising with Coordinators and Managers of Aged Care villages or estates in order to streamline the move.




Often going hand-in-hand with downsizing, relocating can help you pair your lifestyle with the perfect home. Decluttering Solutions can help you organise and manage a local, interstate, or international relocation. 

Property styling

When selling your home, it’s important to present the space in the best possible light to attract potential buyers. This can include cleaning, organising, and arranging inspections, all of which can quickly pile up. Our professional team can remove this burden from you, staging your space to maximise space and appeal. Where possible we use what you already own, to minimise added expenses. Decluttering your personal belongings can help buyers visualise themselves in a brand-new home.


Once you’ve found your perfect home, Decluttering Solutions can assist in streamlining the moving process. Reduce the stress of packing and organisation with our dedicated team and wider network of contacts, assisting with every part of your move. We can even communicate with your real estate agent on your behalf, further simplifying the moving experience. 

At the other end, we can unpack and set you up in your new home, ready for your new life.

From organising to packing, Decluttering Solutions can work with you every step of the way. 

Whether you’re decluttering for retirement or are interested in tailored decluttering and downsizing for seniors, Jennifer and her talented team are ready to assist you into the next stage of your journey. 

Contact Decluttering Solutions today on 0431 144 146.

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