Downsize and Declutter Services

With your home full of beloved possessions and treasured items, it can be hard to sort the important from the unneeded. It can be difficult to clear away the clutter. Where do you begin?

The first step in decluttering to downsize is to reach out to the compassionate and professional team from Decluttering Solutions. 

Decluttering Solutions was founded on the principle of understanding. Understanding how personal belongings can burden our physical and mental space. Understanding how difficult it can be to let go. And understanding how to create tailored solutions for every client.


Meet Jennifer | Organising Professional


Decluttering Solutions began with a journey. After a career as a nurse, sales manager, and teacher, founder Jennifer Manefield moved internationally, returning to Australia after living in Italy for 24 years. 

Faced with this major life transition, Jennifer had to shift her focus to things that were truly important. In 2014 this focus transformed into Decluttering Solutions, initially working with professionals and older Australians, helping them prioritise what was important. 

Over 7 years later, Jennifer and her dedicated team specialise in residential downsizing and decluttering. Operating across Greater Sydney, Decluttering Solutions offers tailored solutions and plans for every home. 

Jennifer is an Expert Accredited Member and founding Board Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers.


Starting with a personalised plan, Decluttering Solutions provides bespoke organisational strategies to suit your needs and goals. Offering a unique perspective informed by compassion and experience, the committed team can help you determine what is most essential in your life. More importantly, we provide hands-on assistance and stamina to make the next stage of your journey a reality.

Decluttering to downsize

Downsizing involves reducing the volume of possessions and furniture, in order to move into a smaller or more easily-maintained space. Often going hand-in-hand with decluttering, downsizing can happen at any time in your life. 

You may wish to downsize and declutter in order to:

  • Reduce financial costs 
  • Move somewhere more suitable for your lifestyle
  • Simplify maintenance and cleaning 
  • Stay for longer and more safely in your own home


Our downsizing services


The experienced team at Decluttering Solutions supply the organisational know-how and stamina to accomplish your home downsizing in an efficient manner. Our services include:

  • Clearing, organising and removing household items including clothing, furniture, outdoor materials, and more.

  • Employing appropriate avenues of sale for valuable items, whether an auction house or Facebook Marketplace.

  • Working with our ethical partners to identify the most conscientious avenue for disposal or recycling.





Packing services


Moving house can be an exciting period, the beginning of a new stage in your life. But moving can also be overwhelming, with packing, planning, and organising all vying for your personal attention. Decluttering Solutions offers move management services, assisting with everything from partial packing to a complete relocation. 

Our Professional Organisers can create a tailored move plan for your home, liaising with your real estate agent or external services as needed. 

Decluttering Solutions carefully organises, labels, and packs your belongings, preparing boxes for your removalists. Prior to packing, our team will provide advice on what may or may not be essential for your new home, decluttering as we go. 

Unpacking services

After a busy day or weekend of moving house, the last thing you want to do is unpack. Especially if unpacking also involves reassembling furniture. So you can start enjoying your new space sooner rather than later, Decluttering Solutions provides professional unpacking services. These can include unpacking boxes, assembling furniture, and cleaning. 

Unwanted Items

Decluttering Solutions can remove any unwanted items from your home throughout the packing, moving, or relocation process. More than just throwing items away, Decluttering Solutions approaches disposal in a conscientious manner, working with ethical partners to favour the circular economy. This allows Decluttering Solutions to identify the most appropriate avenue of disposal. 

For more information contact Decluttering Solutions today on 0431 144 146.

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