It’s a tsunami of pain, grief, anger, joy…and every emotion in between.

Though overwhelming, that sort-and-purge can be an important part of your grieving. Especially if you can share it with family, or an empathetic friend.

You work your way through cupboards and wardrobes. Bits and pieces surface that remind you of long forgotten holidays and dimly remembered elderly relatives. All bought sharply back to vividity. Surges of love and laughter start at the clothing fashions of your childhood displayed in family photos. You lose yourself in your old school reports. Reminisce about when you went camping or ran away with your teddy bear. Were allowed to play in the streets as long as you were home by the time the street lights came on. That time you fell out of a tree and ended up in hospital. That time you weren’t allowed to go to a party or a school excursion and it wasn’t fair!

Shock, anger or disbelief aren’t to be excluded either. Family scandals or long hidden brushes with the law. Memories that bring up long buried anger and resentment.

Drudgery and sheer boredom as you work through drawers and filing cabinets of paperwork looking for the Will or the shares or the Title Deed to the house…because who knows where that is?!

Never mind the jam-packed, dusty and rusty, garage contents.

So, what do you do when you can’t be there? Maybe you are the Executor? Far away because of work and family commitments. Your health means you just can’t do this, though you must be involved somehow.

Or…you just can’t face doing it by yourself.

That is where a Professional Organiser like myself comes in.

We plan with you what we will and will not be responsible for, with agreed upon rules. We can sort and cull the non-personal items and responsibly dispose of them. Things like household chemicals, and food stuff.

Sort all those flyers, request for donations, catalogues, bank statements, old bills, family history and important legal documents for you to make decisions about. We can recycle or shred the rest.

We help you dispose of furniture, clothing, books or artwork in a thoughtful, nuanced way. What might have monetary value that benefits the Estate? Time-spent verses the return, when selling items. What can be ethically donated or recycled rather than going to landfill?

Above all, we can work for you, alongside you, or with other people involved. Both in person or with digital technology.

Reduce that huge volume of apparent household junk to a manageable quantity of significant and important items, then complete what needs to be done after you have finished your part. That you can deal with when you are ready.