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My name is Jennifer Manefield and I’m an Organising Professional.

After a career as a nurse, mother and housewife, teacher and sales manager in the creative sewing field, I moved back to Australia after 24 years of living in Italy. I had to face what I owned and how much of it was essential to the new chapter of my life.

Personal experiences with illness, death and grieving reinforced the knowledge that personal possessions can overwhelm both our physical space and mental space too. They can be oppressive and confusing and sometimes we need help from a third party to give it all some perspective and rational order.

In 2014 I began assisting older Australians with decluttering and downsizing. Client enquiries expanded to include retired Professionals struggling to make sense of what they needed for the next chapter of their lives. Professional Organising services are a huge gap in the National Disability Insurance Scheme. I see a key role for Professional Organisers assisting NDIS Participants to live their best lives.

7 years on, I now say I specialise in managing complex decluttering and organisational projects during major life transitions. I bring clients together with P.O.’s who best match their individual needs, whether working together one-on-one or in a broader team.

I am an Expert Accredited member of the Institute of Professional Organisers – IOPO.

I love mentoring other Professional Organisers and watching them shine.

As a founding Board Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers (Research & Development), I’m responsible for the creation of the industry specific PL & PI insurance policy, and creator of the NDIS online training course for Professional Organisers offered through the IOPO Training Room. We strive for the growth of our industry and its professional standing. 

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