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I asked Jennifer to meet an elderly friend  with dementia and Alzheimer’s whom I was about to help move into an apartment which offered Assisted Living. 

This was never going to be an easy task, but Jennifer’s very careful approach made it possible for my friend to make her own decisions and trust Jennifer’s suggestions. Jennifer was painstakingly careful, caring, thorough and entirely trustworthy.


Ross, St Leonards



I live far away and have a disability which meant I wasn’t able to give Mum the kind of support that you would usually give an ageing parent during a move.  It was absolute godsend to have someone like Jennifer who strived to deliver a workable and non-judgemental relationship with mum through many hours of packing and sorting and organising. Jennifer turned what could have a daunting, stressful and precarious move into a seamless process.

Craig, ACT

My family and I can’t thank you and your team enough, the difference that you have made in three days is incredible. You have made our house finally a home!!! We are now able to have our five children, three with a diagnosis of Autism, in a home that meets all their needs. Jen, you have helped us create a safe home used for their therapies and routine daily life.

Maha, Lurnea

Jennifer took charge and sorted out 50 years of clutter from my parent’s house.  I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer to anyone requiring assistance in decluttering and/or organising a move to a different place of residence.

Matt, Bonnet Bay

I was struggling with finding the ‘space’ in our home as it had too much stuff.

Jen provided the perfect set of eyes, suggestions and pair of hands to help me get the job done. She was very respectful and understanding of what our family needed. She also suggested and helped me rearrange the position of furniture in our place which made an even more significant difference to our living space. My home is now a place I can relax in!

Anthea, Carlingford

Thanks so much for the help from you and the rest of the team over the last couple of days, we are thrilled with the final result especially given the challenging circumstances. The team was efficient, professional and quick to make proactive suggestions. We so pleased to be able to sit down and relax this evening .  

Kim, Balgowlah

Being incapacitated due to an injury I needed assistance with packing all my personal effects as well as general home contents. Jennifer was incredibly respectful when dealing with personal items and provided a calm and supportive presence in a challenging time.

Alison, Potts Point

Jennifer and her team have been absolutely amazing to work with. They were highly personable, professional and efficient. She assisted with any and every aspect of moving house and preparing the property to be presented at its best for the sale process.

Luke Northcott, Ray White

I have had the privilege to work collaboratively with Jennifer on professional organising projects that she has coordinated. Her considered and respectful approach to decluttering and organising and care of her clients is of the highest standards in our industry.  Jennifer’s expertise enables her to support clients in complex environments.  

Danielle Atkins, Declutter Life

Thanks so much for taking care of all of our donations. You made the whole process very smooth and headache-free

Phil, Haymarket

We tried decluttering ourselves with only limited success. It was a difficult decision as we are normally self-directed and independent types who do not like to admit defeat.

We identified Jennifer to be the right person with the right skills and attitude to solve our problem. Cooperative and understanding of our needs and has allowed us to achieve a lot of clear space in the process.

Jennifer’s patience and understanding have been quite impressive and we feel encouraged and heartened.

Margarita and Bill, Epping

Mentoring Reviews

I was brand new to the industry when Jennifer started mentoring me. Her wealth of knowledge on professional organising is superior to any of the other mentoring programmes I had looked into.

Her manner, her patience, and the work experience Jennifer provided was much more than I ever could have imagined. I learned how to deal with clients with difficulties. 

I now have a successful business of my own with a three-month waiting list, in which I owe so much to Jennifer, whom continues to be my mentor. She is a very inspirational person.

Maria, Organise My Life

“Standout operator” is what comes to mind when I think of Jennifer Manefield, of Decluttering Solutions.

In the last two years I have had the benefit of working as a team member on a number of Jennifer’s small and large-scale professional organising projects and have observed, firsthand, her ability to deliver results, under tight timeframes, often in high stress environments.

Jennifer’s capacity to handle complex situations and address the needs of multiple stakeholders enables her to win repeat business in the competitive Professional Organising Industry. She knows how to manage expectations and is talented at creating teams with diverse skill sets to best match the needs of each client.

A natural leader, Jennifer sets high standards, provides direction and shares feedback. She is compassionate, considerate and cultivates the best in others.

I highly recommend Jennifer as mentor to any professional organiser seeking to deepen their skills and knowledge and develop their business.

Roxanne, The Space Specialist

Right from the start Jen included me as a valued member of her team which gave me a level of confidence in what I could offer her clients. I have now been part of her team on a wide variety of jobs which has helped me clarify the types of jobs and clients I feel I can offer the best service to.

Jen has always encouraged me and at times has given me the push I have really needed for me to step up and out of my comfort zone for example shadowing Jen on a house move job where I had the opportunity to approach the job as if I was running it. This was such a valuable learning experience and really gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level.

Jen has a lovely, straight forward manner and she is always clear in her instructions when working with a client. She is generous with feedback and always acknowledges a job well done. Jen also encourages your input which is also a great way to test your knowledge and understanding.

Jen’s willingness to share her vast experience and point you in the right direction and her ability to trouble shoot and really clarify a particular issue you may be having with your business have impressed, motivated and ultimately been of huge benefit to me. I have a clear direction for my business.


Melinda McAuley, Your House In Order

Jen took me under her wing in 2017 giving me my first paid opportunity as a professional organiser. She has a knack for quickly evaluating people’s strengths and offering carefully considered feedback, advice and suggestions. Her passion and dedication to the organising industry can’t help but rub off on the people she mentors. Jen makes everyone feel valued and is a wealth of knowledge, making her a fantastic mentor to have in your corner.

Sarah, Reclaim Your Space

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