Terms and Conditions

  • How long does Decluttering Solutions work with you?
    1.1 There is no minimum number of sessions, and there is no ongoing commitment required of you.
    1.2 The service we provide is determined according to your needs.
  • 2. When does this Agreement end?
    2.1 This Agreement between you and Decluttering Solutions will apply to both of us until the completion of our services as agreed upon before the commencement of this Agreement.
    2.2 A new Service Agreement will be required if:
    a. You move to another home and require our services;
    b. You stop using our services for 6 months and would like to recommence;
    c. We change our policies at Decluttering Solutions.
  • 3. Services Decluttering Solutions can provide under this Agreement.
    3.1 Decluttering Solutions currently offers the following services (Services):
  • hands-on home declutter & organisation  
  • downsize planning
  • managing deceased estate clearance   
  • limited relevant cleaning as required 
  • relocation and move management, including decluttering, packing up, move supervision and coordination, unpack and set-up of your new home 
  • project management and supervision of contractors
  • removal of unwanted items to charity and landfill where practicable 
  • transport to relevant and appropriate appointments, events and shops offsite 
  • report writing, administration and communication 
  • identify and research other services that may be required to complete your project, and
  • coordinate storage unit downsizing or clearance
  • Administration and report writing

    3.2 You may have selected one or more of the Services listed here, and the terms in this Agreement apply to all of these services. 

  • 4. Initial Onsite Inspection
    4.1 Before we commence services with you in your home, we need to conduct an Initial Onsite Inspection.
    4.2 During this process conducted in your home, we will:
  • Ask you about your goals and challenges and assess your readiness 
  • Ask you to show us around your home
  • Conduct a home assessment and take notes and photos for record-keeping purposes only
  • Explain our Service Agreement, Covid 19 management policy and other relevant operational information
  • Allow you to ask any questions about the process, team or our experience to help you understand what to expect
  • Discuss the frequency of appointments and which staff members may work with you.

    4.3 One or more team members may attend this Initial Onsite Inspection.
    4.4    If we decide to work together and you become our client, we will invoice you for the time, travel, and services required to complete our Services according to our Fee Schedule available upon request. 

  • 5. When is Decluttering Solutions available to help you?
    5.1 Decluttering Solutions has a team of Professional Organisers to help you.
    5.2 The number of Professional Organisers to be assigned depends on the complexity and requirement for completing our Services to you.
    5.3 These Terms apply to the pricing for service described on the Quote and Service Agreement provided to you.
    5.4 Your sessions with our Professional Organisers are required to be planned and booked in advance.
    5.5 You can book the Professional Organisers for a minimum of 3 hours.
    5.6 We can arrange for Professional Organisers outside our regular hours (9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday).
    5.7 Services outside regular hours require negotiation with Decluttering Solutions, and we will do our best to accommodate. Additional fees may apply for weekend and public holidays service provision.
    5.8 Our service hours may also be reduced or restricted during school and public holidays.
    5.9 If your Professional Organisers is not available, you may be offered the option of an alternative Professional Organiser or to postpone your next appointment time.
  • 6. Fees and Payment and Expenses
    Our fees
    6.1 Decluttering Solutions charges different rates for different services. Fee information and schedule is available upon request.
    6.2 All fees are in Australian Dollars and include GST unless otherwise specified.
    6.3 Administration and report writing tasks completed on your behalf by us may be invoiced separately.
    6.4 Materials and equipment purchased to complete our Services will be itemised and invoiced, including but not limited to packing materials, boxes or storage solutions purchased on your behalf.
    6.5 Rubbish removal or charity delivery will be quoted and invoiced as required.

    How we invoice you.
    6.6 A one (1) session deposit fee is required before booking the first session with Decluttering Solutions.
    6.7 All fees for our services and purchases we make at your request or on your behalf will be invoiced and sent to you weekly.

    6.8 Our payment terms are that our invoice must be paid within 7 days to participate in your next booked session with Decluttering Solutions.
    6.9 You may make payment via bank transfer to the bank details on our invoice, credit card, cash, and cheque.
    6.10 We may increase our fees from time to time. We will inform you before the increase.

    Travel to and from your location
    6.11 The fee for the Professional Organisers to travel to and your service address in Greater Sydney is free of charge.
    6.12 For travel outside Greater Sydney, you will be charged $0.72 plus GST per kilometre for each Professional Organiser assigned to you.
    6.13 We will advise you of the appropriate travel charges before the commencement of services.
    6.14 If our Professional Organisers are required to stay in your area for more than one (1) day to complete our Services, a fee of $150 per night for each Professional Organiser will be charged for accommodation and meals. 

  • 7. Sorting, disposal, and donation
    Items of value
    7.1 Keys of any description, coins or notes of any denomination or provenance, jewellery of any description or other items that may potentially be considered of value will be photographed, documented, and consigned to you or your representative if you are not onsite.
    7.2 You are required to inform us of any items of value that may have been misplaced before engaging us.

    Sorting of paperwork
    7.3 Any document in paper form will be gathered together for sorting as specified in the Agreement.
    7.4 Individual sessions can be dedicated to document sorting and management as required.
    7.5 To facilitate document decluttering, sorting, disposal or retention, paperwork is sorted in broad categories according to criteria set for recycling, shredding, or other organisation.
    7.6 You are required to inform us of any paperwork of value (e.g., wills, deeds, shares, memorabilia, family history, etc.) that may have been misplaced before engaging us.
    7.7 Decluttering Solutions will arrange secure document shredding at the client’s request and cost.
    7.8 The final approval of all items to be destroyed or shredded is your decision and responsibility.
    7.9 Decluttering Solutions is not responsible for the change of mind of any items selected for disposal or the mistaken destruction of any documents or items and is not liable for any claim made for any loss or damage in this regard. 

    Disposal and donation of items
    7.10 We favour ethical donation above disposal.
    7.11 In a cluttered environment, we look to repurpose what is already owned and fit for purpose.
    7.12 You can nominate your preferred charity, community group and/or waste management facility to receive your donations. We will make all reasonable efforts to deliver to your preferred destination where practicable.
    7.13 If we are unable to deliver to your preferred destination, or if they are not taking donations, we will select another appropriate donation recipient in your or our local area on your behalf.
    7.14 This is limited to one trip per session.
    7.15 We do not sell any items on your behalf on marketplace platforms such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.

    Auction house
    7.16 Decluttering Solutions will assist clients to dispose of items through an auction house of their choice, including researching auction houses, photographing items, and transportation (at the client’s cost) to the selected auction house.
    7.17 We do not accept gifts of any description, monetary or otherwise

    Rubbish removals
    7.18 We utilise the Local Council services for rubbish removal, including booked or programmed kerbside collection.
    7.19 We reserve the right to refuse to move bulky or heavy items and to indicate the need for a third-party rubbish removal service.
    7.20 You understand that donated items are not recoverable due to the nature of charity outlets and their collection practices.

    Household Chemical disposal

    7.21 Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement, we may undertake to appropriately dispose of small quantities of household chemicals per the EPA calendar for household chemical and poisons drop-off.
    7.22 This is limited to a single trip.
    7.23 We retain the right to refuse this service if the chemicals in question show signs of leakage, poor seals, or excess quantities to be transported safely.
    7.24 Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement, we will undertake to deliver excess and out of date medications to a pharmacy of our choice.

  • 8. Booking, Cancelling or rescheduling your booking.
    8.1 You can book your appointment directly with Decluttering Solutions in person, by phone, email, or our website.
    8.2 We will send you an email to remind you of your appointment 48 hours prior and again via SMS the day before or the morning of your appointment.
    8.2.1 We will check in with you after the service. 
  • Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment

8.3 If you want to cancel or change (reschedule) your booked appointment with us, you must let us know 72 hours before the scheduled appointment commencement time. 

  • Cancellation fee
    8.4 If you cancel or change your appointment less than 72 hours before the booked appointment time, you will be charged 50% of the full rate of your scheduled session.
    8.5 If you fail to attend a booked session without notifying us, you will be charged the full rate of your session.
    8.6 We will consider waiving this fee if you have an emergency or a suspected Covid-19 infection. 
  • Cancellation by Decluttering Solutions
    8.7 We may cancel your appointment if there is an emergency, a confirmed Covid-19 infection or a local threat of a natural disaster or disturbance or other threat to health and wellbeing to you or us.
  • 9. Ending our working relationship
    9.1 You can end working with Decluttering Solutions as you need to provided all fees owed to us for providing our Services are paid.
    9.2 We reserve the right to cancel this Service Agreement and to stop providing services to you if:
    9.2.1 three (3) or more sessions are rescheduled or cancelled without good reason under this Agreement;
    a. if you have:
    b. falsely represented yourself as the owner of possessions or items being decluttered;
    c. falsely represented your right to enter the location; or
    d. falsely represented your right to enter into a contract with us on behalf of another person;
    e. if there is evidence of illegal, illicit, or reportable activities that may compromise the safety of those present or our professional reputation and its representatives; or
    f. if there are work health and safety issues that may expose our Professional Organisers to illness or injury.
    g. If you wish to terminate this Agreement, you may do so verbally and email at   
  • 10. Working together safely
    10.1 Your safety and ours is important.
    10.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that children and pets are adequately supervised or absent from the site unless we work directly with them during the engagement.
    10.3 You must tell us of any situation that is unsafe when we are working with you, such as:
  • Dangerous animals present
  • Other people present who have a history of violent or unpredictable behaviour
  • Any other threats or hazards
  • A recent diagnosis of an infectious disease or close contact with someone infectious
  • If you have been overseas in the 14 days before, a Professional Organiser works with you at each appointment.

    10.4 You must remove or securely lock away any of the following items which may be at the location where we are working with you:

  • Items of very high monetary or sentimental value 
  • Items unrelated to the project you have engaged Decluttering Solutions for
  • Firearms or other weapons 
  • Illicit drugs and paraphernalia 
  • Prescription medications and syringes 
  • Any other illegal or dangerous items


  • Covid-19 guidelines
    10.5 We have all undertaken the Australian Government’s Department of Health Infection Control Training for Covid-19.
    10.6 All our Professional Organisers are fully vaccinated and can provide proof of vaccination upon request.
    10.7 All our Professional Organisers carry masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and observe physical distancing recommendations.
    10.8 We understand that vaccination is either a personal choice or imposed by personal medical conditions. Therefore, we reserve the right to not undertake any work or terminate sessions where it is impossible to work safely using social distancing and mask-wearing.
    10.9 Telephone or SMS contact will be made 24 hours before a session to confirm that a session is safe to proceed.
    10.10 If any members of the household show signs or symptoms of possible Covid-19 infection, then the sessions will be postponed until the appropriate testing is undertaken and the results are received.
    10.11Your session will be rescheduled to the next available time.
    10.12 Any evidence of signs or symptoms of possible Covid-19 infection in household members during a session will result in the immediate termination of the session. You will be invoiced for 100% of the session fee for each scheduled Professional Organiser.
    10.13 Where work has to be postponed or cancelled due to possible Covid-19 infection of a Professional Organiser, this will be communicated as soon as possible. Again, there will be no charges.
    10.14 We reserve the right to substitute in another Professional Organiser to your requirements.
    10.15 Any prepaid sessions will be reimbursed if you need to terminate the contract due to time-sensitive deadlines, for example, moving dates.
    10.16 Non-urgent decluttering and organisation will be postponed, rescheduled, or cancelled.
    10.17 If sessions are rescheduled, then prepaid session fees that have been paid are retained and applied to the rescheduled service(s).
    10.18 If sessions are cancelled by mutual Agreement, any unused fees will be returned to you.
  • Smoking
    10.19 You are requested to smoke outside and away from the Professional Organisers until you have finished smoking.
    • 11. Confidentiality
      11.1 Decluttering Solutions is committed to building a relationship of trust.
      11.2 We will collect personal and medical information from you that is required to deliver your requested service to you. 
      11.2.1 Personal and medical information may include (this is not an exhaustive list):
      11.2.2 your name
      11.2.3 address
      11.2.4 phone number,
      11.2.5 email address,
      11.2.6 medical diagnoses,
      11.2.7 personal and professional emergency contact; and
      11.2.8 other relevant details to provide our services

      11.3 Our Privacy Policy manages the personal information about you that we collect. Here is the link to the Privacy Policy 
      11.4  A copy of our Privacy Policy can also be provided to you at your request.

Mailing list
11.5 We would like to send you our newsletter and updates, and we would like your consent to add you to our mailing list.
11.6 Please sign the attached Newsletter and Update Consent Form in Schedule 3.
11.7 You may unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.

11.8 Decluttering Solutions would like to take photos of the service address, including before/during/after pictures and record session notes for record-keeping and auditing purposes. We would like your consent to do so. Please sign the attached Photography Consent Form Schedule
11.9 We would like to use photos of the service address, including before/during/after pictures, for marketing and promotional purposes. Please sign the attached Photography Use Consent Form Schedule 2.
11.10 All details and photographs collected will be held in strict confidence.
11.11 We may share your records for auditing, management and support purposes with
11.11.1 Decluttering Solutions staff members
11.11.2 Subcontractors who provide our services to you
11.11.3 Your Professional Organiser; or
11.11.4 Your Healthcare Professional.
11.12 You may request a copy of your notes and to view saved images of your service address at any time.

  • 12. Working together
    12.1 You have engaged Decluttering Solutions to guide, support, and help organise your home.
    12.2 Dealing with your personal belongings to declutter, organise and tidy up your home and assist you with your paperwork and appointments is a very personal activity. We request that you make every effort to help us to help you.
    12.3 You will speak up if at any time you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
    12.4 You will ensure you are ready to work with the Professional Organisers when the Professional Organisers arrives to work with you.
    12.5 Decluttering Solutions makes no guarantees about the results of our service delivery.
    12.6 You accept that results experienced by every client will differ.
    12.7 You must provide the Professional Organisers with requested information in sufficient detail to deliver your services efficiently and adequately.
    12.8 We will not be responsible if we cannot provide you with complete and efficient service because you have not provided the information requested from you.

  • Third-party services
    12.9 We may make recommendations for engaging third-party services to assist with your situation.
    12.10 We may agree to undertake research on your behalf to identify suitable third party services.
    12.11 It is your decision to engage services with a third party, and it will be a distinct and separate service agreement from that with us.
    12.12 We accept no responsibility for the performance and provision of the services provided by these third parties.
  • 13. Excluded services
    13. 1 There are some services that Decluttering Solutions does not provide. These include:
    13.1.1 Providing you with financial advice.
    13.1.2 Providing you with medical advice.
  • 14. Role
    14.1 Decluttering Solutions and our staff and contractors are independent contractors, not your employees.
    14.2 We may sub-contract any of our services to you to another contractor as part of this Agreement.
  • 15. Warranty & indemnification
    15.1 All our Professional Organisers are covered by PL & PI Insurance.
    15.2 You agree to indemnify Decluttering Solutions and its employees and contractors, employees, contractors harmless against all legal claims from circumstances that are outside the Professional Organisers control.
    15.3 You agree to indemnify Decluttering Solutions and related personnel even though we may be required to work in your private residence, with your possessions or where there are children or pets present.
    15.4 You are responsible for all decisions about the movement, management, destination and destruction of your possessions.
    15.5 The indemnity does not apply to any claim is caused by Decluttering Solutions’ negligence or a breach of this Agreement. 
  • 16. Dispute resolution
    You understand and agree:
    16.1  You will contact us immediately if, for some reason, you are not happy with any service provided by Decluttering Solutions so we can resolve it quickly for you. Jennifer Manefield  0431144146
    16.2 We will respond to your complaint or feedback within 48 hours.
    16.3 Decluttering Solutions will continue providing services to you if we both agree that doing so will be the best outcome for both parties.
    16.4 Friendly discussion is the first step toward resolving any issues or concerns.
    16.5 If we cannot resolve the issues, the next step is mediation by a qualified mediator agreed to by both Parties.
    16.6 Both parties agree the Mediators decision is final and will be accepted by both parties. Therefore, no further action is to be initiated.
  • 17. Limitation of liability

    17.1 Liability for the services provided by Decluttering Solutions is governed solely by Australian Consumer Law and this Agreement. 
    17.2 Nothing in these Terms removes your Statutory Rights as a consumer under Australian Consumer Law.
    17.3 You have rights under Consumer Law and other laws that this Agreement cannot replace.
    17.4 Except for your rights under the law, services provided to you are without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.
    17. 5 Decluttering Solutions guarantees all services and advice are supplied to you with due care and skill.

  • 18. Governing law 

The Terms and Conditions in this Agreement are governed and construed following New South Wales, Australia.