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 Downsizing | Relocation | Deceased Estates



You know what you want to do but don’t have the physical stamina or the support network who can help.

We are your pair of hands and advise on what will serve in the future

Find avenues for sale of still valuable items. From Facebook Marketplace to an Auction House.

Help you downsize everything ready for a move. Furniture, paperwork, clothing, knick-knacks, gardening tools, plants, household chemicals.

Help you with layout planning & purchases. 

Liaise with Aged Care village or complex Coordinators and Managers for a smooth transition to your new home.

We work with ethical partners to favour the circular economy, and identify the most appropriate and ethical avenue to dispose of anything.


Relocation and Sale of your current Home

Local, interstate and international move management

We have a network of colleagues and contacts who can help with any part of a move, making it as streamlined and painless as possible

We liaise with your Real Estate agent as required

We declutter, stage and style your home with what you have, creating a home where a potential buyer can see themselves.



So often people managing deceased estates are dealing with grief, family conflict or an inability to be onsite to do the work.

We liaise with the Family or the Executor/s to manage whatever needs doing: locating important items such as wills, family memorabilia, jewellery, etc.

Managing disposal of the contents

Managing paperwork: it’s collation or disposal

Identifying objects that may have some monetary value

Finding points of ethical donation for useful objects that are not of interest to the Estate.


Downsizing | Relocation |
Deceased Estates

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